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An international research project



LEAD:  Dr. Kasper Hancke - NIVA


1) Construct an integrated assessment of positive and negative impacts of industrial kelp production on the coastal ecosystem, using empirical and modelled data.

2) Provide guidance to Norwegian decision makers and managing agencies.

3) Ensure efficient communication of project results and conclusion.


T5.1. Synthesis an integrated assessment. Based on the results from field investigations, experiments and modelling analyses (WP1-4), we will synthesise the positive and negative impacts to provide a knowledge platform on ecological impacts on coastal ecosystems. Knowledge gaps will be identified.

T5.2. Provide guidance. Based on T5.1 and in synergy with invited end-user, we will provide knowledge-based guidance to Norwegian decision makers and managing agencies to secure present and future sustainable managing of kelp cultivation on the Norwegian coast. The project will deliver the first comprehensive approach to gain know-how and solutions for sustainable managing of industrial kelp production.

T5.3 Ensure efficient communication of project results and conclusions. Kelp cultivation is of great interest to managers, authorities and local stakeholders. The knowledge gained from KELPPRO is relevant and usable and needs to reach users and the public. KELPPRO places a high emphasis on communicating the findings to users and the public. We will therefore make a great effort to communicate with users through media releases, social media and blog updates, and through inviting stakeholders to workshops. More information on dissemination and communication is included in the online form.