Blueye ROV

The new Blueye ROV has arrived and will be ready for KELPPRO fieldwork after Easter!

Upcoming fieldwork

Researcher believes in kelp farming - but we are going on field work in a week to look at both the positive and negative impacts on kelp farms in the surrounding marine ecosystems.




READ KELPPROs annual report for 2018

Former Events



NOV 2018- Oslo Science Park

The first KELPPRO annual meeting was held in november. Participants from all partners were presented in addtion to representatives from the Norwegian Environment Agency and the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries, among other.

WP2 FIELD WORK completed!

OCT 2018-T2.3 Impact studies on seafloor biodiversity and function

In October a WP2 cruise in Frohavet and Fr√łya was conducted on board NTNU's research vessel, R/V Gunnerus. Kasper Hancke and Gunhild Borgersen from NIVA were responsible for collecting benthic fauna and sediments and they can confirm that the old saying is true: there is a pot of gold (or at least some pretty nice core samples) at the end of the rainbow!